Although the local business marketing is extremely dependent on SEO and PPC, most of the local marketers are actually unaware of the strategy and this is where they miss out a volume of valuable referrals. So, in order to help you know what people actually search for , here we present a brief guide on local keyword research that might close the gap between your unawareness and the actual strategy.


If you are a digital marketer, you might have noticed that companies tend to get myopic about their understanding how consumers try to discover their type of business. Keywords, certainly have the largest impact on the success of the marketing campaigns in terms of SEO and PPC. But the way your consumers search the keywords have much more deeper impact on your success. You might have seen that the most popular keyword terms may acquire a large number of searches, but when measured in terms of the combined number of searches , it can be found that the keywords which have garnered a good number of search locally have suffered a setback in the combined search. This statistical distribution concept is known as “long tail” — the “head”. It means amazingly large quantities of local searches, but adding up all the lesser “tail” terms together can have greater impact. But, in the competitive markets, it would be more realistic and s profitable to work on ranking for the long tail keywords. It will then be helpful to reach out to a large volume of target audience. Experts say that even if you do not rank well for the heads , but do well for the tail, you will still be successful in business terms.

So,in a competitive marketplace, ideally the question is how to target the multiple searches. Simply enough, you need to come up with a wide range of key phrases that your target audience might use to search a business like you in the search engine. And, once you are done with this, create informative content (typically, pages or blog posts) on those terms. Thus, when people are looking for your terms, they are also getting relevant information on the same. Quite obviously, recall value of your business will be improved significantly.

And, this is where Google comes into play. So far, we have much discussion on the keyword and search terms, but how Google provides the beneficial information and hints is more important to know. Here’s a brief guide to this.

Google Keyword Tool To Target The Long Tail In Local Search

Obviously, the digital marketers know that that performing a search in Google Adwords Tool will certainly give you a detailed view about the key terms. But, to have a full-fledged understanding, you should have an understanding of the consumer behavior. In short, you need to know, how your consumers might use a typical keyword string for finding your kind of company. If you consider from a customer’s point of view you will understand how you look for something in Google. The way you are following is also applicable to your target customer as well. Google highlights words throughout the search results that match your query. While at the same time, Google also indicate terms that are matching with the synonyms with the help of its thesaurus-like functionality.

With so many functionality Google is certainly a wonderful tool for making the keyword research. An once you know how to use it, you will be at the top of the game.

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