Every day, around 3000 press releases are circulated by the leading agencies. So in order to assign importance to your press release among the lists of these big and renowned press releasing agencies and to allow the targeted traffic to find you, using SEO or Search Engine Optimization is highly recommended. It allows people to find your site or blog easily whenever one searches for press release sites on Google.  It brings in media coverage and provides good rank in Google as well as Yahoo News by creating quality keyword for your site or blog.

Although, SEO definitely leads to improved site visibility and viewing more press releases but you are warned against forgetting your own audience. Forgetting individual consumer and starting to write for the universal populace should be avoided. There are some ways to make the press release SEO friendly and that are being discussed below:

Avoid using jargon 

One certainly needs to tell their own stories to their customers through press release. It is important to find out the way their audience is searching for them as well as their rivals using search engines. And when some keywords have been found in this process, it is advised to use them in your press release. Also ask someone else to proof your press release and if they are not able to understand it, just change it.

Make use of keywords

Using keywords in the headlines is the most important thing. The headlines with good keywords always show in the first page and get the top rankings at Google. Using keywords allows people to search for the sites easily. There are lots of tools available and Keyword search tool is one such great tool that can really make life easier. So, even before starting to write a press release, it is important to know and decide the keywords to be used. Moreover, the positioning of keywords in the headline should be proper.

Provide hotlinks and bold words and phrases

To make press release SEO friendly, it is considered important to use keywords but using bold words as well as phrases is also equally essential. Moreover, a press release should have links to extra information so that readers are provided an opportunity to explore extra info. These hotlinks are not only useful for the clients but also for the journalists. Remember to provide hotlinks carefully. They should be clickable.

Optimize initial 250 words

The beginning 250 words of a press release are highly crucial. It is on these words that the overall search results depend. These words should be interesting and engaging otherwise readers would not care to read that release further. Moreover, releases should always be written in third person’s perspective.

Try to engage customers and bloggers

Engaging customers and bloggers as well as journalist by asking for their feedbacks and opinions is a great way to make your press release friendly. Show them that you value their feedback by sending them personal emails asking for their opinions.

These expert ways can really help in making press release SEO friendly.

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