Business through internet, or “online business” is a buzzword in recent times. It is undeniably true, that Internet is offering a reliable and lucrative source of making money. As a result, a good number of people found internet, a source of lateral income, when the primary source is not enough to meet the daily needs. For some people, online business is a primary vocation too. However, the key to build up profits via online business is the effective use of moneymaking techniques. Blogging has prove to be the best way of making money online.

However, it is required to understand their respective “purposes”, before we discuss that how blogging and social networking helps in generating revenues. Blogging and social networking are two different methods of communicating on the web. The blog is essentially a medium of communication between the reader and the owner of the online business site. Blog facilitates “one-to-one” communication and an owner of the site can promote his business via a blog. There is a comment section in the blog. A reader can make comments about any product or services offered by the site. In this way, the readers can make the owner, aware about the advantages and the pitfalls of your product. Moreover, the owner can make an idea about the products and services, via the customer reviews that appears on his blog site.

The chief focus of the social networking site is socializing. It allows you to promote your business via the social networking sites. Since social networking offers many opportunities of making new connections, it is easier to promote your product easily. With a number of connections and network, you can gain a good number of targeted traffic, without spending a lot of time on it. Since the scope of social networking site is little wider, it is easy to promote your business via your network. Your regular web presence can gain you an increasing number of customers from your targeted traffic.

A blog can be a profit-making machine, if you can sell some form of advertising of different companies and brands. It will increase the influx of traffic to your blog and if your blog contains something interesting, it can turn your traffic into sustainable leads.

On the contrary, social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, MySpace do not need the advertising tool to invite traffic. Small and catchy updates like “Summer Sales starts on this June” can attract the people in your network to your site. The chief advantage of using social networking is that here, you can already have a group of readymade audience in your network.

While the blogs are required to be updated to keep the readers abreast with the new developments, or product launches, social networking site does not require all these. From that perspective, blogging is a time-consuming way to promote business.

Last but not the least, what is common with both blogging and social networking, is the market research. If the principal aim of your business is increasing ROI (return-on-investment), your primary attempt should be increasing accountability of your marketing efforts. The existing data or the customer insights, you have from the market research can help you to reach your goal. Whether it is blogging or social networking, you should adapt your marketing campaign considering the needs of your customers.

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